Kokko & Pueblo Kultur


Kachinas are spirits or personifications of things in the real world. These spirits are believed to visit the Hopi villages during the first half of the year. A kachina can represent anything in the natural world or “cosmos”, from a revered ancestor to an element, a location, a quality, a natural phenomenon, or a concept.

The local pantheon of kachinas varies in each pueblo community; there may be kachinas for the sun, stars, thunderstorms, wind, corn, insects, and many other concepts.

Kachinas are understood as having humanlike relationships; they may have uncles, sisters, and grandmothers, and may marry and have children. Although not worshipped, each is viewed as a powerful being who, if given veneration and respect, can use his particular power for human good, bringing rainfall, healing, fertility, or protection, for example.

Kokko Kachina by Eva Mirror 2018


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Eva Mirror

Eva Mirror is an international artist grew up between Andalusia, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Turín, Brighton and currently is based in Zürich.
She started as a painter even is always was immersed with photo, illustrations, poetry and experimental music.
"Our heart can be the key to involves others with nature true love feelings, anthropological or female rights vow...more than words".
Eva M.