I am Eva Maria Espejo aka Eva Mirror a Visual Artist and Designer based since 2014 in Switzerland. I was born in Barcelona and then lived in several places as Madrid, Sevilla, Brighton, Buenos Aires, Torino and Berlin, I started to study Sociology interested in art, cultures and ethnology but soon I saw the desire of creation by means of investigation. 

My paintings and Illustration are mostly animals and portraits, I listened once that my Works are a mix between Pop, Surrealism, Naive Art, Psychedelic and Avant-garde. 

As Digital Artist I am working since 2010 and in graphic design I made experience in Magazines, Concepts, Art Direction and Illustration.

I’ve taught Art for Primary School and Secondary Elementary as complementary activity using personal tools for the creative knowledge and development. 

Education and professional improvements:

First cycle in Sociology by USAL (Faculty of Social Sciences in Buenos Aires) and UNED in Madrid, Spain.

Private Painting Academy with the Sculptor and Artist Claudio Barragan in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Professional Studies in Scenography formed by the “Scenics Arts School” old “CATS” in Sevilla, Spain. 

Professional Studies as Graphic Designer and Technical in Editorial, Sevilla. 

Music Conservatory with French Horn, Sevilla. 


Inter Val, in Kraftwerk1 – Digital Art printed and Paintings, in Heizenholz Treppenhaus Galerie 2020, Zürich, Switzerland (solo). 

Capsules Books, invited as Eva Mirror for the international Illustrator’s Book Drawn Vol.3, 2019 Melbourne, Australia.

Red Bird in Stricoff Gallery with the Armory Week 2018, Digital Art printed and on screen, Chelsea New York City, USA (collective).

You’re in my heart II – Digital Art printed – ZP 2017 Zürich (solo).

You’re in my heart I, Digital Art printed, in EWZ Kraftwerk, Zürich 2016 (collective).

Flug nach vorn, Kabinette der Visionäre 2015 – Digital Art printed, Chur, Switzerland (collective).

Kunst Salon 2014 in New New New – Digital Art printed, Zürich (collective).

Divas Kollektive (Women in the Electronic Berliner scene) – Digital Art printed – Exhibition and design – 2013 and 2014 Berlin, Germany (solo).

Wild Sur – Digital Art printed and Drawings in paper, RTVA Canal Sur Television – Sala de Arte – Sevilla, Spain 2014 (solo).

Cruce oceanos hasta encontrarte, Alxaraf Gallery – Paintings, in Sevilla, Lisboa, Portugal and Zaragoza Art Fair, Spain 2012, 2011 (collective).

She’s in Debod’s Temple – Paintings instalation for Artifariti – “Noche en Blanco” in Madrid, Spain 2010 (solo).

Magic Being Magic – La casa Azul 2010 – Paintings, Cacela Velha – Algarve, Portugal (solo).

Ojo Rojo and Portraits in Galeria Taberna Anima – Paintings in 2001 and 2009 Sevilla (both solo).

Napa Magma in Sala Rey Chico, Exhibition (Paintings) and coordination for Lady Fest Sur 2009 Granada, Spain (collective).

More than 15 feet Women’s attack! Exhibition (Paintings) and organization, Lady Fest Sur 2009, Sevilla (collective).

Store Installations as “Leaves of Grass” in The Garden, own artistic personal project space and shop Gallery in Sevilla, Spain. 

Personal projects

“The Garden”  Shop and creative space (2003 – 2007) with clothes (Loreak Mendian, The Art Company, Cleptomanixs…etc), Music (Green Ufos, Jazzman Records, Vampisoul..etc), Objects (Amos Toys), Exhibitions, Installations and collaborations. 

CS Caucho Sound – Bike recycled pneumatic tyre complements brand, 2004 – 2008.

Poetry & Music projects 

“Otros Uni-versos”, “She plays Drums” 2010, Music and Spoken word, Alt Saxophon, Melodica and Texts, Sevilla.

The Art Ensemble of Sevilla 2010, Music Band collaborations, Alt Saxophon.

“3753 Cruithne” 2008- 2012, experimental and Improvisation band, Festival Sevilla Independient, Iglesia de San Luis, etc, Alt Saxophon, Melodica, Voices.

Ladyfest Sur Big Band, Music Band just for one concert, Alt Saxophon, Fun Club Sevilla 2009. 

Mother & Daughter (Madrehija) – Street Art collages with her daughter Sara 2007 – 2009.