Eva Espejo


Eva Espejo is an international Spanish artist born in Barcelona and grew up in Seville (Andalusian) and Brighton, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Turin and Berlin…now is based in Zurich.

When she was living and studying in the UK between 18 and 19 years old, at this time with her friends, begins the name of her real surname:

La Mirror

Eva works in an original and pop naïve vision of beauty and always implicate for the female equality all over the world, like a woman, she feels a big empathy and respect for the feminine sacred.

She made some years of Sociology University interested in Culture and Anthropology, but she saw very fast how important is to create, and the transmission of some beauty helps to talk about another deeper visions like education, equality, sex or love.

She is also a Technical Editor and Technic Scenographer with Diploma.

She made some personal projects like the own shop “The Garden” (2003), the own Brand CS (Caucho Sound, bike recycled rubber complements), Poetry and music bands with Alt Saxophone, Melodica and other instruments in “Otros Uni-versos”, She plays Drums,  and a component in the Sevillian experimental Band: 3753 Cruithne, Alt Saxophone in Ladyfest Big Band Sur…etc.

3753 Cruithne

She made international exhibitions in Galleries or alternative places with collective or as an individual artist in Spain, Berlin, Zürich, Lisbon, Macedonia, Malaysia, etc.

& Eva likes to save birds!

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