Eva Maria Espejo



„Such as a Mirror“ are the works of Switzerland based illustrator Eva Mirror @Eva_mirror, with this originally family name. She was born in Barcelona, and then traveling very young to cities as New York, or living in South America was totally seduced from a magnetic attraction to the Pop Art, Naive or Modernism. Her portrait reinterpretations are with a powerful influence of women‘s beauty in very dynamic style. In Sevilla she completed her studies of Scenography and Graphic Design. Her relationship with these techniques influences the treatment of the portraits that she creates, hence the emotional and ornamental detail along with the use of strong and warm colors.

Taking inspiration from artists such as Georgia O’Keeffe, Andy Warhol and Judy Chicago, influenced by the way painting and illustrating, Eva works always in different languages but with a very personal and own voice. She has previously painted with canvas and acrylics, and now uses more paper and Digital, but not only because she likes to explore in new tools and materials. 

In the last years the figurative serie – recompilation of Women & Anthropology as: “Redber”, Natives One and “Now.here” makes to her a personal change. 

 – – —–  How we can see the world in the future? 

She studied some years Sociology interested in Culture and Ethnology, even if very fast she saw the desire of creation more than to investigate, her vision is between a mix of both.

Personal projects:

“The Garden”  Shop – 2003 – 2007

CS (Caucho Sound – bike recycled rubber complements Brand) 2004 – 2008

Poetry & Music Projects with Alt Saxophone, Melodica and more instruments:

“Otros Uni-versos”, “She plays Drums” 2009

Component in experimental music bands:

The Art Ensemble of Sevilla 2009

“3753 Cruithne” 2008- 2009

Band just for one concert: Ladyfest Sur Big Band …2009

Mother & Daughter (Madrehija) – Street Art  – Collages with her daughter Sara 2007 – 2009



ARTBOX.PROJECT New York 1.0 – Stricoff Gallery in Armory Week, collective on big screen projection 2018 – Red Bird


Zürich -EWZ Zürich Unterwerks/ Hub Impact Zürich 2016 (collective)
Kunst Salon 2014 (collective)
Chur – Kabinette der Visionäre, Flug nach vorn 2015 (collective)


Berlin – Divas Party 2013 – 2014 (solo Ausstellung)


Sevilla – Wild Sur – RTVA Gallery 2014 (solo)
Galeria Alxaraf 2012 (collective)
Galeria Taberna Anima – 2000 / 2009 (both solo)


Sala Rey Chico, Napna Magma 2009 (collective)


Artifariti – She’s – Noche en Blanco 2010 (solo)


Lisboa – Alxaraf Gallery – Cruce oceanos hasta encontrarte (collective) 2011

Algarve – Magic Being Magic – La casa Azul 2010 (solo)

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