She crossed the Alps

Red Mountain was sold in München and printed in Metal with Acrylic Glass couverture.

The picture now is in the new home, of course the best place!



(Piccola Scuola artistica nell Tempi della quarantena)

I was working with a few children during the lockdown time, helping parents to follow the own work and home office between March and May, in Heizenholz by Kraftwerk1, they were so incredible and creative!

We had a good time together!

Thanks Heizenholz, Sonja and Dejan, Simone and Freya, Ayan, Rahel and Greg, Ela and family and specially Ruth and Deniz!


Intervall – Inter Wal – Inter Wald…..

Exhibition “Inter-vall” in Zürich, Summer 2020 (June to September). 

Heizenholz – Intervall by Eva Mirror

Intervall als das Zeit zwinschen Zeit, das Zeit das immer Zeit ist, kurz Zeit macht auch langer Zeit, die Intervalle sind immer die Türen von anderen Zeit.

Intervalle als (oder in) der Dreipunkte…als die Noten, als Zeitphasen.

Inter – Wal als Wal und Wal unterwasser, das Musik von die Blaue Wale mit die Waltönen habt die “Stereotyped calls” oder Wal-Lieder als Sprache oder Musik von Wal.

Inter – Wald, als Nachbarin von der Wald, Wohnerin in der nähe von Wald, hatte ich immer verschidenen Erfahrungen mit Tieren als Fuchs, Igel, Hirsch, Dachs, Eichhorn und Vögel, als Intervalle zwinschen Zeiten wo könnte ich sie mal treffen.

White light little owl!

– Verano 2002 – El Palmar – La lechuza y la estrella.
Remembering one magical experience.

More soon!
(2020 – EvaMirror)


Old Illustration from 2011 and the project “Guadalupe” that I started with more digital artist for an illustration book collaboration of Alixe Lobato in Spain, now I made a revision of my works at this time and I found this one very interesting!.

Eva Maria Espejo aka EvaMirror.

Blue Baleen

Blue Whale as one of my most loved animals

– Designed and painted to be printed x 400 cm long –

The song:

There are 14 species of baleen whale including the blue, bowhead, right, humpback, minke and grey whale. Baleen whales are generally larger than toothed whales except for the sperm whale which is very big and has teeth. Many baleen whales migrate annually, travelling long distances between cold water feeding areas and warm water breeding areas.